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We pride ourselves on making each product to order, and in many cases, providing something specially designed for a client’s specific purpose or idea. Innovation Engineering aims to deliver form with function through street and outdoor products that add value to community places. Now with a second factory site set up specifically for the other arm of Innovation Engineering, our Plastics/Electronics division, we can offer low volume injection moulding, die cutting for plastics and fibre material, low pressure/low temperature over moulding for delicate components like PCBs and switches, encapsulation with epoxy and polyurethane moulding, and electronic assembly services. We also continue to make a wide range of fishing accessories such as fishing nets, underwater lights and gaffs, following on from the tradition of Innovation Engineering founder, the late Bob Ganley.

About The Managing Director

Graeme grew up on a farm in the Mallee, where innovative thinking and a welder was the only way to solve many daily problems that can occur with farm machinery! He worked for 8 years in the Body Weld division at Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd, where he became Leader Trainer and went on to complete a Diploma in Engineering, gaining 2 years of valuable experience in the Engineering department specifically to implement manufacture of the 380. Graeme broadened his skills in 2007 as Design Consultant for Distribution Power Design, designing underground power for new housing estates, and doing aerial power line inspection, before finally joining Innovation. Here, Graeme has been able to indulge his lifelong love of the shed and all things in it, widening the scope of the company to now include die cutting on the premises, with a new CNC milling machine, amongst other equipment and ideas.